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We have a cause.
You have the effect.

Why Help?

       4 Paws takes in about 365 dogs every year (at least one per day), with about 349 being adopted each year. However, over the past 12 months, the cost of dog food, supplies, gasoline, and utilities has nearly doubled. Families are no longer able to afford the necessities that come with pet ownership and are having to surrender their pets at an increasing rate. Along with this, Ouachita Parish Animal Shelter (located in our neighboring parish) has stopped accepting animals from other parishes causing a massive increase in the population of stray dogs in our area, due to a lack of other nearby shelters. 


        What does this mean for 4 Paws? Our shelter is taking in more dogs than ever, with far fewer dogs being adopted. We are currently housing over 70 dogs and are at mass capacity. Due to the increase in operating and supply costs, we are now having to turn dogs away unless it is an emergency situation. 4 Paws relies solely on donations, and although our costs have increased, our donations have not. Over the past 12 months, we have been spending $2,000-5,000 more than we are taking in each month.


Volunteer Opportunities 

Hands-On Care


Education Programs

Administrative Work



Do you want to Volunteer?

More volunteers per shift mean more attention the dogs get. Plus volunteering is so rewarding! We are happy for all and any help you can give! See our volunteer opportunities below!

Volunteer Application:

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