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What Is A Foster?

Fostering is one of the most important jobs of a rescue or shelter. Fostering allows the rescue dog an opportunity to live in a home environment in preparation for getting a forever home. This makes the transition from living in a confined shelter to a family much easier. The only duty of a foster is to love and nuture the dog. During this time, the foster does work on house training and following simple commands. 4 Paws provides food and medical as well as blankets, bedding, collars and leashes. Once you have fostered you will be hooked! It is such an awesome feeling to see a shy, abused or sickly dog turn into a happy healthy dog ready for their home.

How Do I Become A Foster?

Simply fill out our Foster Application (below) and return it to us. Upon receipt of your application, we will call you for an interview and to set up a home visit. We prefer you have a fenced yard, but it is not an absolute necessity.

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