4Paws History & Strategic Plans And Goals

Our first key area of focus in 2014 is in creating sustainable revenue for the shelter. To do so, we will
look for opportunities to partner with local government. We will also aggressively pursue grants.

A second key focus will be on breaking the new building into specific areas and then seeking funding
and/or support for those areas. We will develop partnerships with corporations and our local
universities to assist us in moving closer to building a facility for the animals.

A third key focus must be on the acquisition of additional volunteers. (always need more volunteers)

A fourth key area of focus is in strategically recruiting additional board members who can give their
time, talent, and treasure to the organization.

A fifth key focus will be on education and community awareness. We recognize that without education
nothing will change. Therefore, public education is one of our five key areas of focus.  

Featured Ongoing Projects

$ 80000

Shelter Fundraiser

(goal $200,000)

We are raising money for a new shelter building, any amount you can donate is appreciated!

Spay & Neuter Fund

(goal - ongoing)

We are raising money to help the community  with spaying and neutering their pets. By fixing your pets you will be saving lives.

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